On 9 June, BCS Global Markets, the investment banking division of BCS, with support of the DEREX agency, gathered employees of hedge funds, major banks, investment, brokerage and management companies, developers of specialized software, representatives of the Western professional community and algorithmic traders on one venue in order to discuss the most important issues of the IT sector.

The participants paid particular attention to modern methods of data analysis and mining, artificial intelligence and machine learning and discussion of new opportunities for algorithmic traders opened with use of MFT strategies.

Investors and algorithm developers learnt about new exchange software, innovations in infrastructure, got an opportunity to ask questions to BCS representatives and leading software developers.

Alongside with the strong investment banking block, e-trading is still one of the priority business lines of BCS Global Markets. The algorithmic conference is a perfect opportunity for a dialogue with a wide range of the Russian market participants.

CEO, Investment Banking and Global Markets, BCS Global Markets
Roman Lokhov
Roman Lokhov